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Ok so here is chappy 2 of Truth or Dare…sorry if it sucks ive been in like a really bad mood all day but wanted to post this part so yea…here goes

Title: Truth or Dare chappy 2
Author: evil_panda
Paring: joel/matt (duh!)

**benjis pov**

about an hour after joel left I decided that I should probably head back to the bus. I think I was the only one that noticed that he left seeing as im the only sober person here. I notice that paul and chris are passed out in the back of the mest bus and billy is about to pass out so I grab him and say bye to the guys.

Now dragging a very drunk billy back to the bus is not a fun job – but getting him on the bus is a whole ‘nother story. It took me about 15min to get him from the mest bus to our bus and they were parked right next to eachother! I finally get him on the bus just in time for him to run to the bathroom and puke. I decide im gonna go check on joel, he looked pretty stressed about something when matt and him split.

I pull back the curtain of his bunk and have to put my hand over my mouth not to scream. Hes in his bunk with matt and the blanket is pulled up to the waist and they both look like they are naked. Matt is curled up into joel and joel is looking at him stroking his hand through his hair. Damn! I hope he doesn’t see me. Close the curtain benj! I go to close it but all of a sudden joel looks up and sees me.

“what the fuck benj…what do you want?”

“um – I was just – uh – checking to see if you were ok – but it looks like you are”

“ok…um about this…” he says motining twords matt. “I think we need to talk.”

“yea we do…ill be in the back.”


**joels pov**

oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit!

How the fuck am I gonna explain to benj why matt was in my bed naked? Damn! Well I guess I had better go talk to him…I don’t want to be the one to deal with a pissed off benji in the morning.

“matt…matty baby…wake up” I soflty whisper in his ear

“hmmmmm” he says still asleep

“im just gonna go talk to benj, ill be in the back room if you need me. Ok”

“mmmhmmm” he says already back asleep.

I get up and grab a pair of boxers and make my way to the back slowly. I don’t want to have to tell benj. At least he didn’t flip out and run like me and matt thought everybody would if they found out about us.

~back room~

“so – im just gonna get down to the point…why didn’t you tell me?” benji says as soon as I close the door to the back.

“we didn’t tell anybody because we were scared that you would hate us or something. You saw what dad did when I came out to the family…I didn’t want that to happen again ya know”

“yea I guess but why didn’t you at least tell me…I coulda have helped and covered for ya.”

“I know – but matt wouldn’t let me tell you. hes scared of what people are gonna think too.”

“did you at least tell him I knew you were gay?”

“yup…but he wont let me tell you.”

“so how long?”

“um – about 6 months”

“damn! That’s a long time for you to keep something from me”

“I know…I almost told you so many times benj…you have no idea”

“so that’s why you blew off that guy I tried to set you up with a month back?”


“are you gonna tell the rest of the guys? If not you should at least tell them you’re gay…I promise they wont hate you. look how every one reacted to tony saying he was bi…we all don’t care.”

“I know…I just…I gotta talk to matt about it again”

“ok – but hey since you told me that…I better not keep this a secret from you any longer.”

“what?” I say with concern in my voice

“that night that you told dad…I know you don’t like talking about it – but that night after you came out I thought since you had enough guts to do it that I should to – but after dad did that I just couldn’t.”

“benj…are you trying to say your gay too?”

“yea…I guess”

“wow…so why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“I don’t know I got scared I guess”

“oh – so any body that your interested in?”

“actually me and billy are together…he doesn’t mind if you know…he said that you would be the one to figure it out anyway.”

“wow…how long?”

“about a year now…im surprised you didn’t find out for yourself”

me and benj talked for a little while longer. It feels so nice to talk to him like this again. We haven’t had much time to talk just me and him so im glad we have the time now. I guess it’s a good thing he found me and matt…otherwise I wouldn’t have known about him.

After a couple hours we were starting to fall asleep so we got up and went into the bunk room. me climbing back into my bunk with matt and benji climbing into billys. I didn’t know billy had come back with him. Oh well im to tired to care.

“night benj”

“night joel”

ok so how much did that suck? Come on you can be honest. Chappy 3 should be up later this week if I get enough reviews.
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