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Truth or Dare

ok so heres the story i was gonna post...its really bad and was like the second one i wrote so yea...you have been warned

title: Truth or Dare
author: evil_panda
rating: pg-13
warnings: like i said this was my second fic so it sucks major ass!
disclaimer: i dont own them, this never happened...dammit...why do people have to rub that in?

"i know! we should play truth or dare!" tony drunkenly suggested to the group.

great! i really dont want to play this stupid 13-year old game. i also dont want to play with benji because he's the only one that knows that im gay and that i like matt and knowing him hes gonna make me do something really stupid.

"what about it joely? everybody already aggreed" benji says

i look over to matt who is sitting accross from me on the floor of the cramped bus he nods "fine, i guess"

we play the stupid game for a little while. Nick had to eat some month old food that Tony found in the fridge. Jere had to run around outside the bus 5 times naked. Tony had to shave his legs. and a bunch of other shit that i dont remember. then it was benjis turn to ask someone. this is what i had
been dreading the most. I just had this feeling that he would ask me and i would have to do something involving matt.

"truth or dare, matt?" what the fuck! i thought he was gonna ask me. o well. i guess i got outta that one.

"uh - dare"

"i dare you to kiss joel, with tounge for 1 minute." guess i didnt get out of it after all.

"i - i cant!" he stutters. he looks at me and i give him a sympathetic look, but turn to benji before he realizes anything

"matt you have to! its a dare!" tony says to his cousin, empisizing the have.

"you dont understand. i cant. i cant kiss joel!" with that said he gets up and runs off the bus. i know where he went. he went to my bus. i just had this feeling.

"i'll go talk to him guys. later" i said and followed matts actions. nobody had noticed though because they had all gone back to their childish drunken game of truth or dare.

i step outside the bus but i dont see matt anywhere. he must have run all the way to my bus which is on the other side of the building. i get on the bus and hear muffled sobs coming from the bunk room. i make my way back there and open the curtin to my buck seeing as its the only one closed right now. i see matt curled up in a ball facing the wall so he doesnt see me. i climb in and wrap my
arms around him trying to calm him down. "shh, baby its ok. its ok. its me joel. shhh, everythings okay baby."

after a couple minutes he stops crying and turns in my arms so hes facing me. "im so sorry sweetie, dont hate me for what i did back there. i already hate myself for doing that to you."

"i could never hate you. i love you to much to hate you. but i still want to know why you did that. it was only a dare."

"i know but im horny as fuck and if i had kissed you it would have been obvious that we were doing other stuff together and i know how much you dont want people to know about us just yet."

"what would you have done?"

"i would have started jerking you off or just started fucking you right there in front of everyone. thats how fucking horny i am!"

"well you can do that now. nobodys here and i want you bad right now" and with that said i leaned in and kissed him.

*constructive critisism is always welcome*

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