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One Night Only [Standalone]

Title: One Night Only
Status: Complete (Standalone)
Band(s): Mest/Good Charlotte
Rating: R (Sexual content, but so absolutely nothing, all suggestive)
Pairing(s): Matt/Joel
Summary: This is what happens when all you're having a party, & your band mates remind you just how lonely you are right now...
Notes: Had the ending before the rest. Wrote it as a part of my plan to write lotsa short stories to get away from the monotony of all my chapter stories…
Disclaimer: I dunno why I put these on everything - I own no-one in these stories, everyone else already claimed them. I don't even own any Mest CD's coz I can't get them over here in the UK (Damn you stupid music stores!)

Matt took another swig of the beer from the can he was holding, & blinked to focus his eyes that were blurring. He blinked a few more times, & the room came back into focus. In one corner was his cousin Tony & Benji, making out furiously but sloppily, both obviously having consumed large amounts of alcohol. If you hadn't been able to tell from the karaoke, you probably had been able to tell when they'd turned it into a strip show. Jere & Billy had stopped them though, before Billy went back to Paul to give him some attention, & Jere had gone to bed complaining of a headache. Joel was laid out on a reclining chair, not asleep or wasted, just thinking.

Matt headed towards the table, but his legs weren't taking him the way he wanted to go & he went sideways instead, giggling at the sensations going through his head right then. He was definitely gonna pass out if he didn't stop drinking.

& Why had he started drinking in the first place that night? He couldn't remember, but he assumed it had something to do with nearly of his friends being deliriously happy in love. Billy & Paul, Tony & Benji, Jere & that guy from The Used who's name Matt couldn't remember right now. Jere was probably on the phone to him right, jerking off or something, Matt thought to himself & giggled again.

"You ok?" Matt looked up to see Joel standing very far above him, eyebrow cocked.

"Hey, what are you doing all the way up there?"

"You fell on the floor Matt." Joel said, & sighed. "Damn why did you have to go & get wasted, I was hoping there'd be someone around to talk to since everyone else is 'occupied'." Matt didn't reply, just looked up at Joel with curious eyes. Joel wasn't even completely sure if Matt was taking any of what he was saying in. "Come on Matt." He said, helping Matt up by taking his arm. "Let's put you in bed before you knock yourself out."

"Ooooh I bet you want to put me to bed Joel." Matt giggled.

"Yes Matt, desperately." Joel said with no emotion in his voice. He helped Matt to his room & dropped his arm, causing Matt to plop down onto the bed quite hard. Joel closed the door. The drop onto the bed had caused Matt to suddenly sober up quite a bit, & he saw Joel was close to crying.

"Joel… What's wrong?" He asked, & Joel looked at him, realising Matt wasn't so giddy anymore.

"I just… I miss Pierre!" Joel said, & started crying. Matt got up & awkwardly put his arms round Joel. Pierre & Joel had been together for over six months & then Pierre broke up with Joel for someone else - Matt wasn't even aware who this other guy was. It'd been a couple of weeks, but Joel was having a hard time getting over it.

"Uh Joel, why don't YOU go to sleep in my bed - you look wrecked."

"I WAS going to do what you did & get pretty much wasted." Joel admitted, sniffing. "But I don't like resorting to drink to get rid of my problems."
"Ah, that's where we differ then." Matt said. "I immediately turn to alcohol when I feel lonely."

"Is that what you were doing, drinking because you're lonely?" Joel asked. Matt let go of him & turned away, ashamed.

"Joel, you may have broken up with Pierre, but you were happy for a long time…A whole six months of being in love! I haven't had anything but one night stands for YEARS. I hate waking up alone, without someone who at least CARES about me somewhat next to me." Matt got no reply, & turned around only to be met by Joel's lips on his. Suddenly he was being subjected to this soft, gentle kiss with no demands behind it. Joel pulled away & looked into Matt's eyes.

"Well, I may not be in love with you, but I care about you a lot." He said. "& I don't like seeing you this down. You need someone to care, I need someone to prove to me there's life after Pierre, so…" He left his sentence open, waiting for Matt's reply. Matt opened his mouth to speak, but finding no words for this situation, simply showed his agreement by leaning in & kissing Joel again, a hungry kiss exchanged this time, & Matt's hand migrated to the back of Joel's neck to press them closer together.

Quickly they shed each other's clothing & fell onto the bed, Matt banging his head & Joel giggling. Matt quickly recovered though & many more heated kisses were exchanged as they rumpled up Matt's sheets.

They both ended up sweaty & satisfied, Joel's hair clinging to his damp forehead, & Matt panting heavily. Joel smiled at the sight beneath him & moved, indicating to Matt to get beneath the covers. Matt slipped under, & for a brief moment worry flickered in the back of his mind - was Joel going to leave now? Now that he'd got what he'd wanted & forgotten Pierre for a while.

But no, Joel joined Matt under the covers, pressing his body to Matt's, wrapping his arms round Matt's chest, & resting his cheek on Matt's shoulder. His eyes immediately fell shut & only when Matt felt Joel's body relax & enter a dream-filled sleep did he let go of a deep breath & let his eyes fall shut. For once he was going to have a good night's sleep, & for once Matt didn't care that this was a one time thing, & that there was no future in it, & that they weren't in love. He was just glad that he wouldn't find himself alone when he woke up in the morning...

This is an old story, it actually looks too short, & it makes most people go 'awww'...
P.s - joelybean made me do it! ...Post this here that is ;)
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