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Truth or Dare   
12:00am 06/09/2003
mood: accomplished
ok so heres the story i was gonna post...its really bad and was like the second one i wrote so yea...you have been warned

title: Truth or Dare
author: evil_panda
rating: pg-13
warnings: like i said this was my second fic so it sucks major ass!
disclaimer: i dont own them, this never happened...dammit...why do people have to rub that in?

Truth or Dare...come on i know ya wanna read itCollapse )
3 ... What's The Dillio?
chappy 2   
11:01pm 06/09/2003
mood: stressed
Ok so here is chappy 2 of Truth or Dare…sorry if it sucks ive been in like a really bad mood all day but wanted to post this part so yea…here goes

Title: Truth or Dare chappy 2
Author: evil_panda
Paring: joel/matt (duh!)

Truth or Dare chappy 2...i know ya wanna read it!Collapse )

ok so how much did that suck? Come on you can be honest. Chappy 3 should be up later this week if I get enough reviews.
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