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One Night Only [Standalone]   
06:47pm 25/08/2003
mood: pleased
Title: One Night Only
Status: Complete (Standalone)
Band(s): Mest/Good Charlotte
Rating: R (Sexual content, but so absolutely nothing, all suggestive)
Pairing(s): Matt/Joel
Summary: This is what happens when all you're having a party, & your band mates remind you just how lonely you are right now...
Notes: Had the ending before the rest. Wrote it as a part of my plan to write lotsa short stories to get away from the monotony of all my chapter stories…
Disclaimer: I dunno why I put these on everything - I own no-one in these stories, everyone else already claimed them. I don't even own any Mest CD's coz I can't get them over here in the UK (Damn you stupid music stores!)

One Night OnlyCollapse )
This is an old story, it actually looks too short, & it makes most people go 'awww'...
P.s - joelybean made me do it! ...Post this here that is ;)
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