August 22nd, 2003

Kyle Rayner GL

Crazy Idea

Alright everyone, I've got this crazy idea, and if we could all pull it off, I think it would be SUPER-Awesome!

Here's my plan--

I want to put together basically a book of slash stories written by LJ members. I want one story of each pairing I list (and maybe others based on interest). Then I'll put it all together and glossy it up a bit. Afterwards, I'll find some way of making the file available for download and printing. And thus we will have created the first LiveJournal Slash Compilation!

What you need to do--

Okay I'm gonna need you guys to submit what you believe to be your best STANDALONE stories. I say standalone only because I don't want the page amount to be utterly insane, but if you've got one that's maybe two chapters I'll still consider it. If your story is posted in LJ, email me the link to that post. And please try and make sure the stories you send are spell-checked and such. I/We will be reading them through for that, but it'll make it ten times easier if you've gone through it yourself.

Who I need--

Alright, I don't think it fair to call it all of ours if I'm the one deciding which stories make it and which don't. With this in mind, I'd like the help of four other respected and respectable authors. I've got a few in mind (namely xrubysohox and lonelystars), but I don't know if they'd like the job yet...

Pairings I'd like--

MEST - Matt/Jere
MEST - Matt/Tony
MEST - Tony/Jere
GC/MEST - Benji/Tony
GC/MEST - Joel/Matt
GC - Benji/Joel (ya'll know I'm not big on the twincest... but I know most of you like it a lot, so one of those too)
GC - Benji/Billy
The Used/GC - Quinn/Billy
The Used - Quinn/Branden
LP - Chester/Mike
(okay, those are the ones I can think of that are generally liked by everyone... if you really want another one that everyone likes that I havn't thought of, just comment an ask for it.)

Me email--

I can be reached at for email, ianxander on Yahoo! Messenger, and XReturnOfWolfieX on AIM (my away message is ALWAYS on, so IM me anyway and I'll get back to you).

Final Comments--

Guys, I think this could turn out really awesome. Please try and participate!

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Thanks to everyone who joins in!