FIC: Illusions of Love : Chapter One

Pairings: Joel MaddenxMatt Lovato, Tony LovatoxJeremiah Rangel
Warnings: Swearing, violence.
Notes: Yeah, so this doesn't even attempt to echo reality. I've tweaked ages, appearances, the whole lot. But fanfiction is about creating the reality we want, not the reality that exists.
Disclaimer: These characters are real people but the story is purely a product of my over active imagination

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SGA - My Gun's Bigger

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Title: Therapeutic

Rating: NC-17

Dedication: To Jonathan because he wanted the idea done.

Summary: There wasn’t enough time for him to think if what Joel had planned was going to be on that couch before Joel slammed him into the wall, his lips catching his in a hungry kiss, pressing into Matt’s hips, moaning as he rubbed against him.


Untitled thing.

Author: endless_crazy
Summary: Benji and Tony are always ditching Joel and Matt.
Disclaimer: This isn't true and I don't own them.
Note: I wrote this ages ago (12/21/03) before I knew there was a Joel/Matt community or before one even existed, I think. I'm desperate for Joel/Matt so I figured I would post this here and maybe start writing Joel/Matt more often.

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Bills game

Pimpin like a $2 whore

Okay guys, here's the deal, this fic? Amazing. Seriously. So yeah. Give it a chance? Please???

Title: Shaken
Author: Slash_goddess
Chapter: 1-5
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Joel/Matt
Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction and does not necessarily reflect on the true sexual orientation of the individuals featured. In simpler terms, this is NOT REAL!
Summary: AU- Matt is 23. Joel is 16. - "My faith is shaken now... like it's never been before."

Chapters 1 -5
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Twenty-five year old Joel Madden was arrested last Monday at 3:45pm in his native hometown: Waldorf, Maryland. It is unclear at the moment what the Good Charlotte frontman was arrested for but it seems highly likely it was statutory rape of actress/singer Hilary Duff (16). It is said that her parents filed a complaint after Hilary refused to break up with him. Madden was released on bail, but could face more charges.
Me. Pretending.

Hi :)

Hi guys, I'm new to this commuity, but it's pretty cool, so I'm glad I joined. I love Matt and Joel so this was a good community to stumble upon. All right, well I'll keep posting. Check out my journal, add me to friends and I'll add you too. Sound good? OK. I'll talk to you all again soon.
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