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January 4th, 2006
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Mest_pics community
... What's The Dillio?
FIC: Illusions of Love : Chapter One 
August 20th, 2005
mood: calm
Pairings: Joel MaddenxMatt Lovato, Tony LovatoxJeremiah Rangel
Warnings: Swearing, violence.
Notes: Yeah, so this doesn't even attempt to echo reality. I've tweaked ages, appearances, the whole lot. But fanfiction is about creating the reality we want, not the reality that exists.
Disclaimer: These characters are real people but the story is purely a product of my over active imagination

Chapter OneCollapse )
... What's The Dillio?
February 11th, 2005
  Title: Therapeutic

Rating: NC-17

Dedication: To Jonathan because he wanted the idea done.

Summary: There wasn’t enough time for him to think if what Joel had planned was going to be on that couch before Joel slammed him into the wall, his lips catching his in a hungry kiss, pressing into Matt’s hips, moaning as he rubbed against him.

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Untitled thing. 
February 1st, 2005
  Author: endless_crazy
Summary: Benji and Tony are always ditching Joel and Matt.
Disclaimer: This isn't true and I don't own them.
Note: I wrote this ages ago (12/21/03) before I knew there was a Joel/Matt community or before one even existed, I think. I'm desperate for Joel/Matt so I figured I would post this here and maybe start writing Joel/Matt more often.

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Pimpin like a $2 whore 
November 23rd, 2004
mood: annoyed
Okay guys, here's the deal, this fic? Amazing. Seriously. So yeah. Give it a chance? Please???

Title: Shaken
Author: Slash_goddess
Chapter: 1-5
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Joel/Matt
Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction and does not necessarily reflect on the true sexual orientation of the individuals featured. In simpler terms, this is NOT REAL!
Summary: AU- Matt is 23. Joel is 16. - "My faith is shaken now... like it's never been before."

Chapters 1 -5
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August 26th, 2004
  Join punk_rp


Only Tonys taken as of right now.
... What's The Dillio?
July 27th, 2004
  Twenty-five year old Joel Madden was arrested last Monday at 3:45pm in his native hometown: Waldorf, Maryland. It is unclear at the moment what the Good Charlotte frontman was arrested for but it seems highly likely it was statutory rape of actress/singer Hilary Duff (16). It is said that her parents filed a complaint after Hilary refused to break up with him. Madden was released on bail, but could face more charges.  
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March 29th, 2004
mood: amused
Title: Nerd Love
Rating: R
Disclaimer: This definitely didn't happen.
Pairing: nerd!Matt/nerd!Joel
Notes: This is way AU. It is supposed to be amusing. ghettolikejoel and I co-wrote it just to amuse ourselves. This community is just about dead, so I thought I'd post it here.

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Hi :) 
February 18th, 2004
mood: mellow
Hi guys, I'm new to this commuity, but it's pretty cool, so I'm glad I joined. I love Matt and Joel so this was a good community to stumble upon. All right, well I'll keep posting. Check out my journal, add me to friends and I'll add you too. Sound good? OK. I'll talk to you all again soon.
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yeah, so i'm bored... 
November 13th, 2003
  this community hasnt been updated in a while. where is the matt/joel love!?!?!

i guess i cant talk, lol i could be wriitng but yeah.

and while it may not exactly be matt/joel, it is matt and joel...

shmexy joel thanks to _shink.

and this, who wants to bite matt's tummy? i do, i do!

okay, that's all, byee. JULIE
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Looking For Roleplayers 
October 15th, 2003
mood: accomplished
i am part of a new rp group the_evil_crew we are looking for new members... we currently do not have a Benji, but may soon... we do not have a Billy, or Chris, from Good Charlotte... or Nick from Mest... We will welcome just about anyone... if you want to know more IM me on aim at either joelybeantrist or jeremiahxlovato i'm on both all the time.
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i hope this is ok... 
September 18th, 2003
mood: anxious
Title: Kissing Cousins
Pairing: Matt/Tony with a little Matt/Joel and Tony/Benji
Rating: R
Disclaimer: This is entirely fiction. It's made up. Never happened.

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chappy 2 
September 6th, 2003
mood: stressed
Ok so here is chappy 2 of Truth or Dare…sorry if it sucks ive been in like a really bad mood all day but wanted to post this part so yea…here goes

Title: Truth or Dare chappy 2
Author: evil_panda
Paring: joel/matt (duh!)

Truth or Dare chappy 2...i know ya wanna read it!Collapse )

ok so how much did that suck? Come on you can be honest. Chappy 3 should be up later this week if I get enough reviews.
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Truth or Dare 
September 6th, 2003
mood: accomplished
ok so heres the story i was gonna post...its really bad and was like the second one i wrote so yea...you have been warned

title: Truth or Dare
author: evil_panda
rating: pg-13
warnings: like i said this was my second fic so it sucks major ass!
disclaimer: i dont own them, this never happened...dammit...why do people have to rub that in?

Truth or Dare...come on i know ya wanna read itCollapse )
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im new 
September 5th, 2003
mood: productive
hi, im new ::waves::

ummm...ive been a fan of joel/matt for a whaile now. i have one fic written about them. it should be up tonight - but im not promising that...it could be tomorrow.

so yea...that was my "im new" post...

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Request A Fic 
August 31st, 2003
mood: accomplished
Hi! I created a journal for all your fic cravings:


So go read the rules, & then join!


Majorly cross posted, yes - it's so that people are AWARE ;)
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One Night Only [Standalone] 
August 25th, 2003
mood: pleased
Title: One Night Only
Status: Complete (Standalone)
Band(s): Mest/Good Charlotte
Rating: R (Sexual content, but so absolutely nothing, all suggestive)
Pairing(s): Matt/Joel
Summary: This is what happens when all you're having a party, & your band mates remind you just how lonely you are right now...
Notes: Had the ending before the rest. Wrote it as a part of my plan to write lotsa short stories to get away from the monotony of all my chapter stories…
Disclaimer: I dunno why I put these on everything - I own no-one in these stories, everyone else already claimed them. I don't even own any Mest CD's coz I can't get them over here in the UK (Damn you stupid music stores!)

One Night OnlyCollapse )
This is an old story, it actually looks too short, & it makes most people go 'awww'...
P.s - joelybean made me do it! ...Post this here that is ;)
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Crazy Idea 
August 22nd, 2003
  Alright everyone, I've got this crazy idea, and if we could all pull it off, I think it would be SUPER-Awesome!

Here's my plan--

I want to put together basically a book of slash stories written by LJ members. I want one story of each pairing I list (and maybe others based on interest). Then I'll put it all together and glossy it up a bit. Afterwards, I'll find some way of making the file available for download and printing. And thus we will have created the first LiveJournal Slash Compilation!

What you need to do--

Okay I'm gonna need you guys to submit what you believe to be your best STANDALONE stories. I say standalone only because I don't want the page amount to be utterly insane, but if you've got one that's maybe two chapters I'll still consider it. If your story is posted in LJ, email me the link to that post. And please try and make sure the stories you send are spell-checked and such. I/We will be reading them through for that, but it'll make it ten times easier if you've gone through it yourself.

Who I need--

Alright, I don't think it fair to call it all of ours if I'm the one deciding which stories make it and which don't. With this in mind, I'd like the help of four other respected and respectable authors. I've got a few in mind (namely xrubysohox and lonelystars), but I don't know if they'd like the job yet...

Pairings I'd like--

MEST - Matt/Jere
MEST - Matt/Tony
MEST - Tony/Jere
GC/MEST - Benji/Tony
GC/MEST - Joel/Matt
GC - Benji/Joel (ya'll know I'm not big on the twincest... but I know most of you like it a lot, so one of those too)
GC - Benji/Billy
The Used/GC - Quinn/Billy
The Used - Quinn/Branden
LP - Chester/Mike
(okay, those are the ones I can think of that are generally liked by everyone... if you really want another one that everyone likes that I havn't thought of, just comment an ask for it.)

Me email--

I can be reached at ianxander@yahoo.com for email, ianxander on Yahoo! Messenger, and XReturnOfWolfieX on AIM (my away message is ALWAYS on, so IM me anyway and I'll get back to you).

Final Comments--

Guys, I think this could turn out really awesome. Please try and participate!

Communities posted in--


Thanks to everyone who joins in!

... What's The Dillio?
The Sad Answer 
August 22nd, 2003
  I know this isn't exactly slash... but I figured this community wouldn't mind reading a piece like this...

Alright, I'm not sure why I felt compelled to write this, and I know it's not my best work in the least, but I hope it gets the message across...

The Sad AnswerCollapse )

3 Can't Go On ... What's The Dillio?
August 7th, 2003
mood: anxious
we now have a pretty background image... Major Thank You's to crwlinginmyskin for our beautiful manip... and i will be creating a new icon using the other manip she created for us.
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